Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

If you mention me on Twitter, or comment under one of my Instagram posts, I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Alternatively, you can privately message me on my Facebook page if you don't want anyone to see what you've written. If your question is business related, you can use the form on my website to contact me directly.

I have a writing question, can you help me?

Why not come to my GoodReads forum and ask there? It's full of talented writers who love to give critique and maybe one of my mods might be able to give you help if I'm not available :)

What is subscriber appreciation?

It's a competition I hold once a month for my subscribers to win a small parcel from me, to say thank you for the support :)

I will also be holding other competitions, so stay tuned. You can always enter as much as you like, for which ever prizes you want.

Each prize will be secret, but the box will have a theme each month. And every month will be different. Good luck :)


where can I read your work?

Unfortunately, I have nothing in the way of stories out in public yet. But stay tuned for that content. Until then, why not read a few blogs :)

can I post you something?

If you would like to send me something, either a parcel, a letter something to review, or you'd like to be pen pals, I'll have an address soon for that in a few weeks. Keep watching!

how do i win subscriber appreciation?

Whenever I announce the theme for subscriber appreciation, just favourite and retweet, if you're on twitter, like and share if you're on Facebook, or comment under the topic on the GoodReads forum or my blog to be entered. 

There will also be the theme mentioned in the description of the YouTube Video and Instagram post released that day. Mentioning the theme in the comments is also an entry.

Every platform you use is an extra entry, you can enter as much as you like :) There is no restriction on country.