Words I Always Spell Wrong First Time


Funny thing is that a lot of people I know don’t know I’m dyslexic. 

My mother took my brother to a dyslexic learning centre on the advice of his speech and language therapist when he was about 4ish. But he wasn’t called back, I was. Admittedly it’s mild. And I write everyday so I kind of hammer spellings into myself. But grammar is sometimes very difficult for me to fully understand. Most notably people I’ve worked with will often tell you about my notorious refusal to use ; as I just can’t ever fully understand how to. My dyscalculia is horrendously worse. I can’t count to ten without using my fingers. But I got a maths GCSE in C and decided I’d never had to use maths again. But even though I write everyday, I rarely use text speak and type constantly to friends on my iPad, there are still words I always get wrong first time. 


Perminate is how I spell it. I don’t know why. I just do. Maybe its my accent?


 Disolusioned – that’s how I typed it out in the article at first.


Amoung amung - I’m not even sure how i keep getting wrong. It won’t stick in my head. I constantly read it as a mong. But I pronouce it as a mung. I don't know. Feels like it needs a U in there somewhere.


is so frustrating. As I KNOW its on I get wrong, but I still do it. Dissapoint. It's so disappointing.


Nessecary. Someone said to me a shirt has one collar two sleeves. Which means I now get the number of s’s and c’s correct. I just need to let my brain know that it's around the other way.


As soon as I have to start using the word for something else, or expanding the word it starts to confuse me. alcholic.


It’s kind of weird how often I’ve had to use this lately. Varifed. It makes me wonder if I’m pronouncing it wrong to be honest.

I drive a lot of my close friends mad who really care about spelling. But it's just something I'm going to struggle with, and to be honest, on social media, I don't mind that much. Your phone will always annoyingly auto-correct something. 

And don’t get me started on pronunciation of stuff. I really liked collecting crystals. Imagine that when you have to order something like malachite or labradorite when you have difficulty pronouncing stuff anyway. I often have trouble because I’ve seen more words written than said aloud. Which I think is a pretty common problem with some book nerds like me.

Run like the wynd!