Review: The Lie Tree


Gahhh sfasfssfgesgfsdgsgds.

Why don’t I like this book?

It has everything I like. Why don’t you work?

I think it’s like making a cake. It has all the elements I like. Some individually taste great! Jam…Cream…

Then some parts just…Just stink. Raw eggs.

This book is written both well, and poorly. It’s so slow, and I’m constantly boffed in the face by unnecessary fluff that knocks me straight out of the story. It made reading it much slower, and it was already slow to begin with. 

I’m not a big fan of YA. I’m not sure why I just can’t seem to find them appealing. Even when he subject is based around an adult subject, like this is. which begs the question, why is this even a YA? 

I’m pretty sure, precious as I was at 14, i had little knowledge of the opium trade. And it leaves a lot of holes that I feel like I’m already expected to know. sure, i know them, I’m an adult. but i feel like 14 year old me was screaming for more information. 

I wanted to know more about her father. And I left the novel feeling like the YA genre was just put in to stop extra questions being asked. it felt a bit like a cop out, honestly.

Still, the concept, what the lie tree actually is, is great.

I feel like it had the potential to be a favourite. It was horror-y, victorian-y, paranormall-y.

Yet for me as a whole, the cake needed to be baked better.